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Hello again,

The information on this page is a compilation of presentations I've created and resources/links that I've found helpful over the years.  This information can be useful to all individuals involved in the education system - teachers, parents/guardians, administrators, paraprofessionals, and service providers.  If you have any questions pertaining to special education, please do not hesitate to send me an email - I love talking shop!

Resources & Links

Take a seat and expand your knowledge on the many features of the world of special education and education as a whole.

Informational Presentations

The presentations below have been reformatted to a PDF version.  Email me for a link to the presentation on Prezi.

Teacher Toolkit

This presentation describes various tools for teachers of students with disabilities.  These tools fall under four main categories: Technology, IEPs, Learning Strategies, and Accommodations. Click Here to view.

Reducing Stress in the Classroom

This presentation provides some information and strategies on how to reduce stress in the classroom.  This presentation applies to all teachers. Click Here to view.

Science & Students with Learning Disabilities

This presentation focuses on students with learning disabilities and how to address their needs in the subject area of science. Click Here to view.

CSA Sequence for Teaching Fractions

This presentation explains an effective sequence for teaching students about fractions.  CSA stands for: Concrete, Semi-Concrete, and Abstract. Click Here to view.

Word Study for Content Vocabulary

This is a short presentation that describes how to develop content-specific vocabulary. Click Here to view.

Working with Paraprofessionals

This is a quick presentation I did with teachers and paraprofessionals on how to work together and be effective in the classroom.  Click Here to view.

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